A Thriving, Growing Network

Old Dolphins are valued members of our school community and inspiring role models for our girls who follow in their footsteps.

Dr Frances Ramsey

A network 116 years in the making

81 Old Dolphins contributed to cross-curricular activities in 2019-20

3,383 members in the Old Dolphin network

Spotlight on Old Dolphins

Baroness Brown

Class of 1972

Introducing Julia King, The Baroness Brown of Cambridge DBE. Trained engineer, Member of the House of Lords, Chair of the Carbon Trust, Fellow of both the Royal Academy of Engineering and the Royal Society and Chair of STEM Learning.

Julia is a force for change in STEM, supporting women in the industry whilst working to transform our energy system for a Net Zero future. Dedicated to reducing carbon emissions, Julia is called regularly to advise the government about education and technology issues; notably in 2007 she led the King Review examining how fuel technologies can help reduce vehicle emissions, and she spent almost 13 years as vice-chair of the Climate Change Committee.

A Pioneer and leading advocate for STEM in education, it is no wonder Julia has been recognised with over ten industry awards.

Annabel Howell

Class of 2018

Introducing Annabel, Social Entrepreneur, Political Science, Computer Science and Chinese Undergraduate, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Graduate Intern, and winner of the Grayling Essay Prize and Harvard Book Prize.

Outside of her studies at Duke University, Annabel is delivering computer science tuition to state sector pupils to address educational inequalities. Not only did Annabel design her own curriculum, but she also secured funding from her US College to deliver the free educational outreach programme.

Most recently, with a view to inform state policy, Annabel has been working with a team of professors to research the privacy implications of C-19 tracing systems. Annabel’s definitely one to watch, with a self-developed microfinance programme and with support from the Gates Foundation, she has a plan to help lift women in Jordan out of poverty.

Susan Greenfield

Class of 1969

Baroness, Professor, Research Scientist, Author, Broadcaster and winner of the 2010 Australian Medical Research Society Medal; Baroness Greenfield is internationally recognised for her contribution to neuroscience, and has been awarded 32 Honorary Degrees from both British and foreign universities.

Baroness Greenfield founded Neuro-Bio which, through pioneering research, hopes to discover a potential cause of neurodegenerative disease as well as develop oral drugs with the potential to treat Alzheimer’s disease. It is no wonder Baroness Greenfield has been awarded the L’Ordre National de la Légion d’Honneur and the Golden Plate Award.



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I have so much appreciation for Godolphin. They taught us we can be whoever we want to be and continue to raise strong, independent women.
Crystal Eisinger (Class of 2008)