HousesInclusivity and Enjoyment

Extending across all year groups, the ethos behind the house system is about inclusivity and enjoyment. Girls are allocated into one of six houses when they join the school – not with a Harry Potter sorting hat, sadly! They are Bassi (purple), Lovelace (green), Maathai (red), Naidu (orange), Quinn Brown (blue) and Sheppard (yellow). Being in a house provides opportunities for girls to socialise and to work in teams with girls from other year groups. The students take part and compete in House events and enthusiastically cheer each other on, further developing our culture of team spirit, mutual respect and support.

Sports Day is, of course, one of the flagship House events along with House netball and hockey, the House singing competition, Big Draw, House debating and House bake-off.

It’s not just about being competitive though; House breakfasts, House drama and House fundraising events are also a valuable part of Godolphin school life.