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Godolphin and Latymer teachers are specialists in their subjects who enthusiastically share their knowledge and passion with their students.


We are a research-informed school where recent insights into effective teaching and learning are appraised and adapted to fit our specific school context. Research findings in education and from the fields of cognitive science and neuroscience don’t dictate what we do but are carefully assessed and considered as a ‘best bet’ for trial and implementation. Staff here continually reflect, evaluate and adapt their teaching practice, supported in part through our network of teacher learning communities.

blended Learning

Every girl at Godolphin and Latymer has an iPad but this does not mean that everything they do in lessons will be using this device. We fully believe that technology can amplify great teaching but not replace it; if traditional pen and paper methods give the best outcomes, then these will be used. However, the iPads do give us the opportunity to modify and in some cases redefine our approach – for example, quizzing apps can be used to receive information from all girls in a class at once allowing a teacher to adapt a lesson in real time and video software can be used for girls to produce their own explanations for things they are studying in lessons.


Research tells us that simply telling students what makes good learning is rarely sufficient; they need time to adapt and assimilate the ideas into their own thinking, to find out what works for them. We also know from research into the teenage brain that adolescents are highly influenced by their peers. At Godolphin and Latymer we utilise this peer influence in a positive way through our student learning communities. These can be considered a form of informed student voice where a small group of around 10-15 volunteer students are introduced to ideas around learning from the research which they discuss and try out for themselves. These student learning communities then feedback to the wider school community via informal discussions and more formal assemblies, including presenting at staff training sessions. This year we are excited to have Student Learning Communities running in Year 8, Year 10 and Sixth form.

Pupils are highly articulate, have excellent listening skills and write with flair and depth on a wide range of subjects and interests that inspire them to read extensively for independent research.
ISI Inspection Report 2022