PSHE Personal, Social and Health Education

The health and wellbeing of our students are our highest priority and the PSHE programme is central to the pastoral care offered to girls at Godolphin. External speakers regularly come into the school to deliver talks and workshops on important issues, such as mental health and coping with stress; e-safety; relationships and sex; drug, alcohol and tobacco awareness.

Many of the PSHE sessions are delivered by Form Tutors; through activities and discussion we help our students develop personal qualities such as self-esteem, a strong sense of their own identity and emotional intelligence. Relationships and sex education is set in the context of respect for individual decisions and beliefs and making informed choices. We also emphasise the importance of personal and online safety.

Each girl is encouraged to take a lively interest in social and current affairs and in the world around them. There is a strong focus on making an active contribution to the community beyond the school gates. Environmental awareness is promoted throughout the school with a ‘green’ approach to travel, waste and consumerism.

Good physical and emotional health and wellbeing are key to our students’ development. The importance of exercise, nutrition and sleep is explored in order to give girls the confidence to make positive choices about their health. The need for balance in the girls’ hectic lives is encouraged through mindfulness and relaxation sessions and by teaching them how their bodies and minds function, so they can look after themselves better during times of stress. This is supported by our annual ‘Spotlight on Wellbeing’ day.

The PSHE programme is reviewed and updated annually so that new issues can be addressed.