AcademicFostering a love of learning

At Godolphin and Latymer we look for girls with intellectual spark and curiosity and we aim to foster an excitement and love of learning which will stay with them throughout their lives.

Success in examinations is important, but a Godolphin education is so much more than this, and students are encouraged to explore beyond the syllabus and to find a passion in their study, be brave in embracing new academic challenges and learn to question rather than accept received wisdom. Whilst girls are introduced to techniques to best facilitate their learning, each will receive personalised support when necessary to ensure academic progress; as a single-sex school we can really tailor our teaching to what works best for girls! Our aim is that they become sophisticated, independent thinkers, equipped and determined to excel in the modern world.

Girls leave the school both highly educated and ready to contribute to society, encouraged to be themselves by committed and talented teachers.
The Sunday Times London Independent Secondary School of the Year