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Philanthropy & Support

‘As a previous state grammar school, a strong ethos of social inclusivity is woven into the school’s fabric.’

Our priority is to increase the number of transformational (100%) bursaries which we are able to offer bright girls. With your help we are working to build our bursary programme.



83 pupils in receipt of a bursary award, thanks to the 2020-21 Annual Fund

39 pupils in receipt of a transformational (100%) bursary award

£1.4 million spent on Bursaries in 2020-21

190 donors have supported the 2020-21 Annual Fund

Bursaries that make a difference

(née Dixon-Brown)

Class of 2000

Godolphin supported me with a hardship bursary (music) when my family’s circumstances suddenly changed, I received financial support during my Sixth Form years. It meant that at a time of uncertainty, I was offered stability and consistency, and a chance to really succeed in life.

At Godolphin I was taught that if I put my mind to something I could achieve great things. The enthusiasm and passion of my teachers really rubbed off on me. My music teachers Mr Escott and Mrs Pevy both massively shaped me as a person; they encouraged my love for music and I went on to achieve great things – gaining a place to study at the Junior Guildhall School of Music and Drama.

I am now an award-winning Chartered Surveyor and an ambassador for my profession. I am passing on the opportunity I was offered at Godolphin and Latymer by helping the next generation of Surveyors.


Class of 2018

Godolphin provided me with an all-star education, one I was only able to access thanks to a full means-tested bursary. My school fostered a belief in me that I am capable of anything.

From state-of-the-art equipment to immersive trips, the opportunities that Godolphin offers are truly exceptional. I only have great things to say about my teachers, they whole-heartedly supported and encouraged me, and prepared me for life after school in a way that I wouldn’t have experienced anywhere else. I still refer back to their advice now.

I would like to emphasise just how important the school’s bursary programme is and to express my gratitude to all those whose generosity enabled me to access my education. I truly feel this is my community, these are my teachers, my friends, and this is my school.

I graduate from UCL this year; the education I received at Godolphin has allowed me to follow my passions.

(née Sheikh)

Class of 1986

I joined Godolphin and Latymer in 1979 after receiving a full bursary award. The girls came from a wide range of backgrounds and I believe this diversity was beneficial for everyone. It shows that when forming childhood friendships you focus on your common interests, I hope this quality remains for every Godolphin girl.

Godolphin’s ethos that we should grow up to be compassionate has been important to me. The emphasis that we should be confident in our abilities taught me that if I worked hard enough I could achieve a lot. My teachers were passionate about their subjects and were one reason for me studying Economics at LSE. Everyone has a different experience of school: I benefited from my time at Godolphin.

Our society needs to improve social mobility and the bursary programme is a genuine way to help achieve that. I support the bursary programme because it truly widens access to education, and that benefits the entire school community, not just the recipient.


Annual Fund Projects

To focus solely on our ambition to build our bursary programme, the 2020-21 Annual Fund does not include an educational project. Instead all funds are being directed to support the bursary programme.

However, in September we will begin fundraising for a Director in Residence project. Pupils throughout the school will have the opportunity to work with an artistic director who will produce a whole school play as well as offer seminars and workshops sharing her industry insight and expertise.



Science and Climate Research Equipment

These university-grade resources include a weather station which is currently the focus of a sustainable climate project, giant DNA helixes which are bringing biology to life, and a PCR machine which Sixth Formers are using to unlock genetic coding!



Interactive Periodic Table

Thanks to the generosity of our community, students of all ages including our budding Year 7 scientists and our aspiring Sixth Form medics, are able to benefit from an interactive periodic table that brings science to life.


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