Student LeadershipCompassionate Leadership and Change-Makers

Throughout their school life, students at Godolphin and Latymer are encouraged to take a lead on issues that matter to them; there is a real emphasis on developing girls’ ability to lead and make things happen. In addition to our Head Girls Team, School Council,  and House, Debating, Music, Theatre, Technical, Art and Design, Games and Sports Captains, there are a number of student-led committees that play an important role in planning and running school activities and that help shape and develop the culture and ethos of our school.

At the beginning of the academic year, Upper Sixth students in positions of responsibility undertake a full day of leadership development to help them, as people and as teams, work towards producing their desired outcomes for the year. In 2023 we partnered with Isar Bhattachrjee, an organisational psychologist and founder of Uncover Consulting, and the girls spent the morning on various immersive activities.

Sustainability Committee

Our Sustainability Committee is guided by the concept of “Think Global, Act Local”. We work in our own community to make progress towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Initiatives such as Fast Fashion Free February, and COP Week, have allowed us to make progress towards these goals in our community. In addition to this, we have student representatives on the UK Schools Sustainability Network and the London School Eco Network. These networks allow us to connect and collaborate with peers across the country, to have an impact on a larger scale. The Sustainability Committee is driving change in the school, helping us to shape a healthier, happier and greener future.

Diversity Committee: INCLUDE. Educate. Celebrate.

As the Diversity Committee our aims lie in promoting cultural integration, inclusivity and respect for our students, all of whom come from a phenomenal array of backgrounds. Every student here has their own unique story shaped by their individual heritages and we hope to give our community the confidence and encouragement to celebrate their origins and broaden their horizons to those very different to their own. We truly believe that in order to be global citizens, the key is to include, educate and celebrate what is such a special and diverse community.


Pupils’ intellectual curiosity and academic leadership are excellent and as such, they lead with considerable willingness and enthusiasm across activities and societies throughout the school.
ISI Inspection Report 2022