News Diversity Committee Screening of ‘Kaur’ by Old Dolphin Dr Parvinder Shergill 17.03.2023

In an event organised by the Diversity Committee, we welcomed Old Dolphin Dr Parvinder Shergill (Class of 2006) for a screening of her film Kaur, a film about a British South Asian Sikh woman’s decision to wear a turban and the impact it has on her family. 

An award-winning filmmaker who balances being a full-time NHS doctor in mental health, Dr Shergill also played Kaur‘s protagonist Avani, who faces opposition from her father who is still processing his own experience of racism and trauma endured as a turban-wearing Sikh Punjabi immigrant in England. Dr Shergill shared that the inspiration for the film came from the lack of representation of Sikh women who wear turbans in visual media. She also emphasised the importance of representation through her decision to make the film’s crew all women of colour, with the costumes designed by small independent businesses owned by women of colour. 

When Dr Shergill last visited the school to speak at our Futures Working Lunches, she stressed to students ’you can do anything you want, especially as a Dolphin’. She implored them to use their voices to make positive change and raise awareness on issues they are passionate about, like she had done in creating Kaur.  We thank Dr Shergill for such an inspiring talk on identity, family and faith.