News Challenge Your Limits Week 2023: Guest Speakers 22.09.2023

Challenge Your Limits Week saw a lineup of remarkable guest speakers who left an indelible mark on students, inspiring them to embrace creative thinking, resilience, teamwork, and the acceptance of uncertainty. These insightful talks provided a unique opportunity for students to learn from accomplished individuals who have navigated challenges in their respective fields.

On Monday, following a workshop with Year 8 students, Year 11 and the Sixth Form heard from Lawson Muncaster, the Managing Director of financial newspaper City AM Lawson shared his experiences and the myriad of challenges he has faced in leadership, particularly during the pandemic when much of City AM’s readership declined. His talk emphasised the need for agile and effective thinking in the face of adversity, encouraging students to embrace change and uncertainty as opportunities for growth.

Later that evening, Year 11 and Sixth Form students and their parents had the opportunity to hear from Professor Rose Luckin, expert in Learner-Centred Design at UCL Knowledge Lab in London. Professor Luckin delivered a thought-provoking talk on the role of human intelligence in a world increasingly dominated by artificial intelligence. She provided insights into the implications of AI for education and young people, highlighting the importance of nurturing human intelligence in the age of technology. Her talk challenged students to think critically about their future roles in a rapidly evolving world.

On Tuesday we welcomed the mindset coaching company InnerDrive, who delivered two sessions to Year 11 and the Upper Sixth. The first session aimed to help students evaluate the effectiveness of their learning strategies, emphasising learning as an ongoing process. Practical suggestions on consolidation activities, optimising independent study time, and seeking feedback were shared, empowering students to become more effective learners. In the Upper Sixth’s session, InnerDrive emphasised building flexible, adaptable knowledge; a key to success in the Sixth Form.

On Wednesday, we were delighted to welcome back entrepreneur, Google Executive and Old Dolphin Crystal Eisinger, who shared her inspiring journey with students. She recounted how her thinking evolved throughout her varied career, adapting to ever-changing parameters and objectives. Crystal’s message resonated with the key themes of the week as she explained how embracing failure was an integral part of her learning journey. She led a mini-reflection and pledge session, challenging students to maintain open-mindedness and resilience in their own pursuits.

Challenge Your Limits Week was a resounding success in no small part thanks to the exceptional guest speakers who instilled a sense of purpose and determination in the students. The valuable lessons learned during these talks will undoubtedly serve as a source of inspiration to students throughout the school year.