News Thursday Futures Focus 02.03.2022

Thursday was a bumper day of opportunities for our students to learn, lead, and take part in all sorts of projects to help them to develop key life skills and to engage with issues that are really important to them.

Year 7: Understanding Fashion Footprints
Form time for our Year 7 students was led by Year 10s eager to share their passion and knowledge about sustainable fashion and to empower Year 7 students to become agents for change. The session focused on Understanding Fashion Footprints and how to make them smaller by looking at how students can change their approach to fashion – and shopping – and take action that has a real impact. Two more sessions will follow before the Year 7s have to make their sustainable fashion pledge!

Year 8: Little Carbon Footprints Campaign
Meanwhile our Lower Sixth students led the Year 8 assembly and introduced the Little Carbon Footprints Campaign. In future sessions, Lower Sixth students – working with the Sustainability Committee – will support Year 8 pupils and help them to develop ideas for their families to reduce their carbon footprint.

Lower Sixth Leadership Workshop
Lower Sixth students who are through to the next stage of selection for the 2022/23 Head Girls Team participated in a leadership workshop to develop and refine their proposals to strengthen the school community and to create convincing ideas based upon evidence and research.

KEAKIE project launch: In-house Internships
To launch our In-house Internships, Old Dolphin Crystal Eisinger, CEO of start-up music platform, KEAKIE, inspired our Lower Sixth students with a fantastic presentation about the music industry and her ambitions for the company. As well as hands-on marketing experience in a young and fast-moving industry, the internship will help our Lower Sixth students to develop the agile mindsets and creative thinking skills that they can then apply in their own future careers.

House Musical Workshop
Student directors took part in a workshop to learn about the key skills needed to produce and direct a short musical to be performed at the house musicals show later this month.