News In-house Internships 28.02.2022

As part of our Futures programme, Godolphin and Latymer has launched a series of exciting projects which will provide In-house Internships for our students. These offer the opportunity for our pupils to take part in analytical and problem-solving activities and to develop skills and attributes which will be important in their futures. The internships will be structured as a range of challenges focused on developing evidence-based ideas and solutions and the first series of courses will run from March through to June and will include teacher-led sessions and the opportunity to connect with leading experts in relevant fields. The themes have been chosen to allow engagement with real-world issues which pupils are interested in:

Entrepreneurship: developing a plan for music streaming service KEAKIE to increase its market share by engaging new users, particularly in the 18-24 age group.

Empowerment: designing a programme to challenge and overcome imposter syndrome – particularly relevant for preparing young women for the workplace.

Sustainability: creating a plan to help Godolphin and Latymer reduce its carbon footprint and achieve Net Zero emissions.

Inclusivity: creating a programme for a mixed-gender audience of students to explore feminism from a number of different perspectives and to build empathy, understanding and support.

Big data: introducing students to the art of data science through contextual learning – in this case the impact of the COVID lockdowns on air quality – culminating with a presentation at the IRIS conference.

As well as having the opportunity to engage with real ‘live’ projects, these internships will help our students to gain confidence working with others; to develop convincing communication skills; to develop critical research skills; and to think creatively and embrace different perspectives.