News Year 9 Skiing Trip to Vermont 22.02.2024

Over the February half-term break, Year 9 students perfected their parallel turns on the pristine slopes of Pico and Killington on an unforgettable trip to Vermont, US.

Excited students gathered at Heathrow Terminal 3 in the early hours of Sunday morning, brimming with anticipation for their transatlantic adventure. Upon arrival in Rutland, Vermont, students wasted no time in hitting the slopes of Pico against the backdrop of some stunning scenery. The next three days were spent on the slopes of Killington, where students, bathed in glorious sunshine, continued to push their limits with the help of their amazing instructors. After a final day at Pico, students spent Saturday enjoying a day of shopping before heading to dinner at the interactive FiRE+iCE restaurant in Boston.

On the Sunday before their return journey, Year 9 had the unique opportunity to reconnect with Old Dolphins Jessie, Orla, Aurelia, and Susanna, all currently studying at Harvard University. They were given a tour of the campus and gained insight into life at Harvard, with Jessie, Orla, Aurelia and Susanna offering invaluable tips and a glimpse into the world of higher education in the US.

As the sun set on their adventure, students bid farewell to Boston and boarded their homeward-bound flight, with their heads full of cherished memories from a truly unforgettable trip.