News Year 8 Carbon Footprints 16.06.2022

In form-time sessions run by Lower Sixth members of the Sustainability Committee throughout the spring and summer terms, students in Year 8 have worked in teams to come up with ways to reduce carbons emissions from an individual/home perspective.

The Year 8 teams established initial, evidence driven, ideas, in these sessions and then brought these to the workshop on Friday 10 June. The workshop focused on behavioural science and also the concept of nudge theory in order to help the teams move their ideas to actions which households might easily implement. Learning focused on:

  • Creating a narrative, hook or brand of an idea through emotional connection
  • Understanding the principles of habit change to create sustainable action

Alongside learning about effective visual representations of ideas students also learnt about the nudge approach, which helps people pursue their own goals through careful design. The teams have used this concept to create their family pledge-making idea so that it has the possibility of being effectively implemented and sustained.

These ideas have been curated in a handbook and the pledge-making campaign and call to action is about to begin.