News Year 7 students visit the National Gallery and the Design Museum 07.06.2024

On Thursday, Year 7 students embarked on their second trip in a week when they visited both the National Gallery and the Design Museum. The trip combined aspects of both the Philosophy and Religion curriculum and the Design and Technology curriculum.

The journey began at the National Gallery, where students viewed religious art and reflected on its connections to biblical stories. They examined the composition, materials, and the role of artistic license, gaining a deeper understanding of how art intersects with religious narratives. The trip then continued at the Design Museum in South Kensington, where students participated in an interactive workshop focused on sustainability and design. They particularly enjoyed exploring innovative exhibits that showcased cutting-edge sustainable design solutions.

Throughout the day, the students remained highly focused and engaged, absorbing a wealth of knowledge from their diverse experiences. Their impressive level of interest and enthusiasm was evident as they delved into both the artistic and design aspects of the trip.