News Year 7 Mini Business Adventure 22.03.2024

This week saw the launch of the Year 7 Mini Business Adventure as part of the G&L Futures Live Projects Programme. 

Students are guided through the process of developing products and ideas that benefit people and the planet considering problems such as climate change; health; sustainable food; energy; education; housing; inequality; and building design. Whilst the outcome will involve each form running a stall in later June, following a seed investment of £30, the initial exploration has focused on the premise of unlearning and rethinking in business and start-ups, how we avoid confirmation bias and how collaboration, testing and feedback will lead to optimal solutions. The examples for learning about these nuanced facets of business development were the rise and fall of Blackberry and the repositioning of the MRI machine to increase satisfaction ratings for under 12s (led by Doug Dietz).

In summary the girls considered the sense of empathetic idea design, the value of the rethinking cycle (leading to confident humility) versus the overconfidence cycle and the iterative process to reach an optimal solution.