News Year 7 Masterchef 01.05.2020

There were more delicious dishes from around the world on show in this week’s Year 7 Masterchef competition. Read the ‘bite’sized introductions from a few of this week’s winners.

Abigail Harris:
‘I made cucumber and tuna sushi, with panda rice, sweet potato and courgette tempura and a small salad. I chose to make this because my whole family loves sushi and I’ve always wanted to make it even though it seems so hard.’

Elena Jiang:
‘For my MasterChef co with cherry blossoms on the side, served with competition, I made Chinese dumplings and adorned itriental green tea. It is a Chinese family tradition to make dumplings on Chinese New Year. The dumpling is similar to the ancient gold or silver ingots, which symbolise wealth in Chinese culture.’

Serena Brookes:
My dish, risotto primavera and grilled chicken, was inspired by the verdant deliciousness of Italian produce at this time of year. I feel that we should also remember them at their moment of most urgent need, which makes the dish ever more resonant.’