News Year 7 historians explore monastic life at St Albans Cathedral 07.03.2024

As part of their studies into medieval England, Year 7 students enjoyed a day exploring monastic life at St Albans Cathedral.

Against the backdrop of centuries-old architecture, students dressed as monks and pilgrims and explored the hallowed halls of the cathedral, re-enacting life in the twelfth century. Following this immersive session, the afternoon saw our budding historians studying the cathedral’s brass memorials before engaging in brass rubbing. Armed with metallic crayons, they skillfully produced intricate drawings, paying homage to the cathedral’s rich heritage. Year 7 student Hailo had this to say on the day:

‘We learnt many facts and participated in really interesting and enjoyable activities. It really felt like we went back in time to discover what life was like as a monk in a monastery. The most interesting fact for me was that St. Alban’s bones were placed in a shrine, but were then stolen and buried in Germany. The whole experience was really fun and I would love to go there again!’