News Year 7 explore the intricacies of the Sari at the Design Museum 08.06.2023

Year 7 Technology students embarked on an educational journey of cultural exploration as they visited the highly anticipated ‘Offbeat Sari’ exhibition at the Design Museum.

The exhibition, which opened its doors earlier this month, delves deep into the multifaceted nature of the sari, a garment that carries immense cultural significance in India. Recently, designers have reimagined the sari, creating hybrid forms like sari gowns and pre-draped saris, and even experimenting with materials such as steel. Part of the exhibition focuses on production, highlighting those making sustainable innovations. New Delhi-based designer Guava J Gupta, has addressed the issue of Delhi’s terrible pollution by developing a textile dye that recycles airborne carbon and soot to make ink.

Students witnessed how designers have reinvented the Sari, experimenting with innovative materials and pushing the boundaries of traditional design, and returned from the trip with newfound inspiration and deeper appreciation for the transformative power of design.