News Year 10s Encourage Year 7s to Rethink Fast Fashion 03.02.2022

During today’s form-time our Year 10 students ran workshops with our Year 7 pupils and asked them to consider a topic very dear to our girls’ hearts – fashion – and specifically to lift the lid on fast fashion and to consider the alternatives.

The students considered the importance of clothing as part of their identity, as well as for comfort and for activities such as sport – and also the advantages of fast fashion which responds quickly to the latest fashion trends and is mass-produced cheaply. Students were asked to weigh up these benefits against the environmental impact of clothes that are produced from synthetic and inorganic materials, often manufactured without due consideration to the environment and fair trade practices, and which are often only worn for a season or two. They were asked to consider the alternative Sustainable Fashion which is a movement which promotes the use of sustainable materials and processes with greater ecological integrity and fair trade practices.

Students were then asked to consider the ways that fashion impacts many of the challenges facing the world today and were encouraged to think more carefully about where their clothes come from, who made them, and the impact they have on our lives. This was a fantastic opportunity for our Year 10 students to take a topic that they feel strongly about – sustainable fashion – and to work with the the younger students to help change behaviour and make a difference.