News Year 10 Play: Second Person Narrative 24.03.2022

This week, the Bishop Centre buzzed with energy from our Year 10 cast and crew members as they gave two sold-out performances of Second Person Narrative by Jemma Kennedy. This lively ensemble production transformed the Bishop Centre into a party venue with the audience seated as if part of one of the central character’s celebrations. Running at a little over an hour, the production offered a fantastic chance for some of our young performers to shine after so long without being part of an acting company.

Three students shared the central role of ‘You’ and had this to say about the production: ‘The play celebrates the normality of life and shows that life has meaning, regardless of what one achieves. The friendships we have built over the rehearsal period have made the whole experience even more enjoyable than it already was, and we are all thankful for not only the opportunity to be part of this production but for the chance to share this experience with you and with our peers. The rehearsals have also helped us to build our teamwork and cooperation skills.’

Thank you to all the families, staff and students who came to support the production. A special thanks also to our Sixth Form technical crew who have been sharing their skills with the next generation of Theatre Tech Club members.