News World Philosophy Day 20.11.2020

On Thursday we celebrated World Philosophy Day. Created by UNESCO In 2005, the Day fosters philosophical research and analysis on contemporary issues to better respond to the challenges the world faces.

The Upper Sixth and Lower Sixth A Level and IB Philosophy students attended a series of stimulating online lectures throughout the day. These included the Self and the Afterlife, Natural Law, Faith and Reason and the Nature of God which were delivered by renowned scholars that included Professor Keith Ward and Reverend Andrew Pinsent. The lectures not only helped with preparations for the upcoming school examinations but also provided an excellent foretaste of university-style teaching for our budding Philosophy undergraduates.

Students had the chance to win prizes in a lunchtime Philosophy quiz and essay competition, and Sixth Formers Katie and Hannah discussed whether human-robot friendship is possible with special guests Mr Higgins, Godolphin’s Head of Philosophy, and Biology teacher, Mr Juvan for the inaugural episode of GodolphinTalks  – a brand new Philosophy podcast.

You can listen to  ‘Could you be friends with a robot?’ below.