News Working Lunches: Dr Sarah Seton-Rogers 01.03.2024

Our Working Lunch today featured Godolphin parent Dr Sarah Seton-Rogers who spoke about her varied scientific career.

Dr Seton-Rogers studied Biochemistry at Rice University in the US and, while gaining her PhD in breast cancer cell biology at Harvard Medical School, pursued her high school interest in writing through internships. After graduate school, she began her working career in medical writing at a medical communications agency before moving into scientific publishing and became Chief Editor of the journal Nature Reviews Cancer. After a period spent in the biotechnology industry, Sarah is now about to embark on a new position in research strategy and scientific project management at the Early Cancer Institute at the University of Cambridge.

She talked about the importance of networking when exploring career options and looking to move away from ‘bench science’ into the broader scientific community. She also advised on the nature of Ph.D programmes in the US and the importance of finding a team that you work well with.

We would like to thank Sarah wholeheartedly for supporting our Futures careers programme.