News Working Lunch: Radhika Vaidya-Sahdev 15.03.2024

Our STEM-themed Working Lunch today featured Godolphin parent Radhika Vaidya-Sahdev. Radhika leads Mastercard’s Digital Partnerships Strategy and Business Excellence team globally, working with digital players in e-commerce such as Amazon and Google. The team keeps a pulse on the market to ensure Mastercard delivers relevant, impactful and industry-leading capabilities. Talking about digital disruption, she led us though the rapid evolution of digital payment security from swipe slips and signatures to today’s biometric recognition and showed an example of how AI is being used to pinpoint disruption trees that can highlight fraudulent transactions within seconds. Radhika was keen to show the breadth of jobs that exist in the digital space where highly rated skills are the ability to learn quickly, embrace change and not being afraid to fail but move on fast afterwards.

We would like to thank Radhika wholeheartedly for supporting our careers programme.