News Women Composers Concert 08.05.2020

At the beginning of march, Godolphin held its first ‘Women Composers Concert’ to honour International Women’s Day.

The idea for the concert was born after Ms Dorszkowska, one of Godolphin’s peripatetic music teachers, was inspired by reading the story of Maria Szymanowska, a female pianist, composer and teacher who forged an unprecedented career as one of the first international piano virtuosos in the early 1800s. After writing an article for International Piano magazine on Maria’s glittering career, Ms Dorszkowska began to ponder why she, like many female composers of the time, had largely been overlooked and forgotten. She arranged a concert with her students that not only shared the music of these forgotten composers, but also shared their amazing life stories and the challenges they had to overcome in their careers. Although the concert was sadly cancelled to the wider Godolphin community, our girls were determined to perform their pieces in celebration of women composers from around the world and tell their stories to a new audience.

Click here to read Ms Dorszkowska’s article in International Piano magazine.