News West London Politics Conference 27.06.2023

Lower Sixth Politics and Global Politics students attended a stimulating series of lectures and discussions this week with other schools in West London, seeking to answer the question ‘Can politics save the environment’?

Speakers included Sian Berry, Vince Cable, Tim Crosland, Andrea Wilson and Anne-Marie Trevelyan, representing a broad range of political positions, proposed solutions and roles in the room. Whilst Tim Crosland promoted a ‘degrowth’ solution to the climate crisis, Anne-Marie Trevelyan and Vince Cable highlighted the role of business and enterprise in bringing about a greener economy, leading to a fascinating clash of ideas. Students enjoyed the chance to question the speakers and discuss these important issues with their peers from other local schools. The conference highlighted the importance of studying Politics and its close interdisciplinary links with Economics, Geography and History in the views presented by the speakers.

Thank you very much to Lucy Budden and the students at St Paul’s Girls’ School for hosting the event.