News Venture Studio Takes Off 04.03.2021

On Wednesday over 80 students and staff attended the virtual launch of Venture Studio, our exciting new platform to help students get funding and support for their business or social impact ideas. We were joined by industry experts and entrepreneurs Crystal Eisinger, Head of Brand at Google, Chris Edson, Founder of NHS partner, Second Nature, and Emma Irving, Editor of Guardian-backed The Know. Chris and Old Dolphins Crystal (Class of 2008) and Emma (Class of 2013) had some fantastic advice for the next generation of Godolphin entrepreneurs including that the best ideas for a start-up are those that can help or bring joy to people. Emma talked about the importance of testing your ideas and that ‘failure is part of the process’ while Chris added that ‘if I’m not failing, I’m probably not learning’. Chris explained that entrepreneurs need to learn to ‘fail fast’ and move on quickly if necessary and that there are many fantastic ideas, but that success is all about brilliant execution and having a structured approach.

Godolphin students will now have the opportunity to put this advice into practice by developing their own start-up ideas supported by their Venture coach and, if funding is needed, pitching for investment from the school’s Venture Fund. The Venture Studio platform is full of advice, support and inspiration and we look forward to sharing in their entrepreneur journey.