News Upper Sixth Leadership Workshop 07.09.2023

Day one of the new school year and the Upper Sixth students in positions of responsibility undertook a full day of leadership development to help them, as people and as teams, work towards producing their desired outcomes for the year.

We were lucky enough to partner with Isar Bhattachrjee, an organisational psychologist and founder of Uncover Consulting, and the girls spent the morning on various immersive activities looking at their role and goals, how they will serve their stakeholders, discussing ways of working with their teacher leaders, and understanding how to work as an effective team. The students – who will lead on a range of content from theatre, sports, house activities, school council, charitable giving and, more generally, the ethos of fun – were fully engaged in their morning’s work and continued with the same intensity as they developed a road map later in the day.

Methods such as Red Team exercises, T-shirt Sizing, and the Eisenhower Matrix were all utilised to help the students be as effective and impactful as possible. We have some budding world leaders in our midst!