News Upper Sixth Celebration Evening 09.11.2023

On Wednesday evening we had the return of the annual Upper Sixth Celebration Evening, which marks the year-group’s many and varied achievements throughout their time in the Sixth Form, and celebrates their successes in completing a superb array of personal research projects.

The Extended Project Qualification, completed by A Level students, and Extended Essay, completed by IB students, are a highlight in the calendar for students and staff alike. Students spoke with remarkable eloquence and authority on a stunning array of topics, from linguistics to an architectural model of Hammersmith Bridge, to Sigmund Freud’s understanding of the Oedipus Complex and music performances.  We were also lucky enough to be able to celebrate the achievements of Further Maths Students who shared their projects as well.

We are particularly grateful to all of the supervisors who supported the students in bringing their projects to completion, and look forward to further opportunities to celebrate this remarkable year-group’s achievements and contributions to school life in the months ahead.