News Higher Education Undiscovered Subjects 12.03.2021

The Higher Education Undiscovered Subjects 2021 programme is proving to be a great success in its new remote format. The lectures on university subjects not traditionally taught in school are for students in Years 10-12 and are normally run as one evening event at school and always attracts an impressive line-up of speakers. However, this year the series of 30 – 40-minute lectures is being delivered remotely after school throughout February and March and has been supported by a large number of leading academics from UK universities. The lectures are always open to students from our state partner senior schools and we are really pleased that students from West London Free School, Sacred Heart, Lady Margaret’s, Greenford High School, Cardinal Vaughan and Kensington Aldridge Academy have supported the lectures on-line and have sent some lovely feedback:

‘I thought that the biomedical sciences lecture was interesting as it gave an insight into pharmacology, a particular aspect of the subject. The discussion around how drugs produce their effect and how they are discovered in the first place was intriguing. I am considering looking at uni courses for this subject now as my 5th choice for Medicine’
Student, Cardinal Vaughan

‘My lectures on Law, PPE and International Relations were very informative and gave me a great insight into these subjects and what they entail. They have helped me see the variety of different themes within each, and it has made me more curious to find out more and possibly study one of them at higher education.’
Student Cardinal Vaughan

‘Thank you so much for this opportunity. It was really interesting because the lecturer explained that course in detail as in how design engineering is a mixture of electrical-mechanical engineering but in a creative way.’
Student Kensington Aldridge Academy

This week’s programme of lectures has covered Creative Writing: Lancaster University; Land Economy, University of Cambridge; Criminology, University of Edinburgh; and Design Engineering: Imperial College.

Previous lectures have included Environmental Sciences, University of East Anglia; Mechanical Engineering: University of Bath; Computer Science: University of Bristol; Biomedical Sciences: Kings College London; Business: Warwick Business School, University of Warwick; Law: Oxford Brookes University; Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE): Queens University Belfast; Pharmacy: University of Nottingham; Liberal Arts: University of Warwick; Architecture and Urban Planning: University of Westminster; Psychiatry: University of Cambridge.

Still to come before the end of term are: Archaeology: University of York; International Relations: Queen Mary’s, London; Anthropology, University of Durham; Linguistics, University of Birmingham; Human Sciences: University of Oxford; Art History and Visual Cultures: University of Manchester; Digital Healthcare Sciences: University of Warwick.