News Undiscovered Subjects Lecture Series 2023 18.01.2023

In February and March 2023 we are running our series of lectures on subjects not studied in school but which students from Godolphin and Latymer and our partner secondary schools may be considering for study at university. This year we are looking forward to over 90 students joining us from Cardinal Vaughan, West London Free School, Lady Margaret School, Kensington Aldridge Academy and Greenford High School. The online lectures are all by pre-eminent academic members of staff from leading universities and this year we are welcoming:

Dr Chloe Martindale, University of Bristol, Computer Science
For students interested in Computer Science and Cryptography.

Dr Jessica Hope, University of St Andrews, Sustainable Development
For students interested in subjects such as Biology, Geography, Environment Sciences, Ecology, Politics/International Relations.

Dr Anna Souhami, University of Edinburgh, Criminology
For students interested in Criminology, Psychology, Anthropology, Philosophy, Theology, Geography, History, Politics/International Relations.

Dr Jos Darling, University of Bath, Engineering
For students interested in Mathematics, Computer Science, Engineering, Physics, Design.

Dr Emilia Terracciano, University of Manchester, History of Art
For students interested in History of Art, Art, History, Visual Communications, Design.

Dr Chris Holland and Dr Lewis Owen, University of Sheffield, Materials Science and Engineering
for students interested in Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Design.

Professor Kevin Hiscock, University of East Anglia, Environmental Sciences
For students interested in Environmental Science, Geography, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Sustainability.

Dr Alexander Smith, University of Warwick, Sociology
For students interested in Sociology, Anthropology, Psychology, History, Politics/IR, Religious Studies, Social Sciences.

Professor Barrie Kellam, University of Nottingham, Pharmacy
for students interested in Pharmacy, Medicine, Chemistry, Biology, Physics.

Dr Angela Lorenz, University of Warwick, Business
For students interested in Business, Economics, Mathematics, entrepreneurship, commerce.

Dr Stephanie Piper, University of York, Archaeology
For students interested in Archaeology, History, Classical Civilisations, Anthropology, Geography.

Dr David Bather Woods, University of Warwick, Philosophy
For students interested in Philosophy, Theology, Politics, PPE, Ethics.

Dr Lucy Floyd, Oxford Brookes University, Law
For students interested in History, Politics, English, Law.

Dr Sally Street and Dr Trudi Buck, Durham University, Anthropology
For students interested in Anthropology, Sociology, History, HSPS, Politics, Biology, Cognitive Science.

Dr Andrew Ainscough, Lancaster University, Creative Writing
For students interested in English Language and Literature, creative writing, Film, Theatre.

Professor Ian McFadzean, King’s College, London, Biomedical Sciences
For students interested in Medicine, Biomedical Science, Chemistry, Biology, Natural Sciences, Pharmacology.

Dr Gerado Ortega, University of Birmingham, Linguistics
For students who are interested in Linguistics, Languages, Anthropology, English.

Dr Cillian McBride, Queen’s University, Belfast, Political Theory
For students interested in Politics, PPE, HSPS, History, International Relations, Philosophy, Economics, Sociology, Anthropology.

Dr Tamsin Ford, University of Cambridge, Psychiatry
For students interested in Psychiatry, Psychology, Biology, English, Medicine, Anthropology, Mental Health.

Dr Rosalie Allain, University of Oxford, Human Sciences
For students interested in Biology, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology.