News Two Trips for Music Students 24.06.2022

We had two Music trips at the tail end of last week, with A Level students seeing the musical Oklahoma, while GCSE Music students learnt how to play the Gamelan at the Harmonium Museum.

On Tuesday night, A Level Music students and staff went to see a new adaptation of the musical Oklahoma!. Taking a more modern, darker approach to the beloved classic, students left feeling inspired by the breathtaking vocals and instrumentation.

On Friday, 22 GCSE Music students visited the Horniman Museum. After exploring the interactive Music Gallery, they enjoyed a workshop learning how to play the Gamelan (a traditional Indonesian ensemble of gongs and chimes). This was led by national expert Andy Channing, who has been playing gamelan for over 30 years. The students picked up this unfamiliar style of music very quickly and were soon able to give a convincing performance.