News ‘Thinking Beyond the Curriculum’: Godolphin shortlisted for Talk Education award for innovation 02.09.2022

We’re delighted that our In-House Internships programme has been shortlisted for the Talk Education Awards for Innovation and ‘Thinking beyond the curriculum’. Real-life projects that are part of our Futures programme, the In-House Internships are structured as a range of challenges focused on developing the ‘soft’ business skills valued by future employers. Pupils engage with business leaders, experts and professionals ‘in-house’ at Godolphin and take part in ‘real-life’ analytical and problem-solving activities.

After the successful launch of the internships in the last academic year we can share that we have some exciting plans in the pipeline for the 2022-2023 programme. Ideas being developed include:

Year 9 students working with the Hammersmith and Fulham Council Climate Alliance on a local project to change behaviour and encourage more eco-friendly travel choices in the Borough.

Years 8 – 10 working with Hammersmith BID (Business Improvement District) to encourage awareness and use of the Hammersmith Privilege Card, a local business loyalty scheme.

Year 10 and 11 working with representatives from Reuters to develop ideas to encourage teenagers to engage with credible news sources rather than with fake news.

Year 10 students working with sustainable food start-up Saved Food to increase brand awareness in the 16-24 age group and to launch a new product.

Year 10 and 11 students working with sustainable STEM education start-up Team Repair to develop and test new prototypes that can be brought to market.

Lower Sixth working with the LSE to explore and evaluate the effectiveness of social impact projects and to design and implement their own.

The plans are evolving and developing with the first 2022-23 Inhouse Internship launching Tuesday 6 September.