News The podcast inspiring the next generation of aspiring biologists 12.11.2020

We are delighted to announce the launch of a collection of online independent learning resources inspired by the Biology corridor’s interactive learning space which houses an impressive collection of artefacts. In this way, the support of the 2017-18 Annual Fund has offered exceptional Lower Sixth biologists an opportunity to satisfy their insatiable curiosity for science, extend their knowledge and understanding beyond the curriculum, and offer academic enrichment to the wider school community. 

Working behind the scenes since 2018, this small group of students aimed to bring this unique space to life to inspire the next generation of aspiring biologists. Today they share their passion for science through a series of podcasts designed to encourage students of all ages to think differently about the natural world. The podcast collections cleverly prompt the listener to examine the artefact from a range of perspectives, and model the flexibility of mind and scholarship that drives scientific progress. Those podcasts which illustrate the contested and dynamic nature of knowledge, alongside others which reveal nature’s answers to contemporary global issues, are particularly successful and perfectly embody the IB philosophy. 

The project’s leaders have reflected on their experience saying:

‘Being a part of the podcast team has helped me to grow as both a learner and scientist more than I could ever have expected. Specifically I have developed scientific communication skills which allow me to convey complex scientific ideas to a wide audience. The project has also given me confidence and trust in my ability to succeed in the Sixth Form, especially in the more novel components of the IB Diploma such as Theory of Knowledge.’ (Libby)

‘The podcast project has been one of the most rewarding and invaluable experiences I have undertaken through my time at Godolphin. At first sight the new Biology corridor might not have appeared to be anything more than a bright and comfortable space, but to me and my peers it has evolved into a great source of inspiration and innovation, allowing us to fully appreciate what it means to think and work as a scientist.’ (Rojin) 

‘Writing and recording the podcasts has been such an engaging and rewarding use of my time, allowing me to expand my biological knowledge and understanding beyond the curriculum. From learning how to research around a topic to the invaluable skill of academic referencing, this project has allowed me to gain many transferable skills that will be crucial not only in my current education, but in my life beyond Godolphin.’ (Hebe)

This exceptional learning platform is a true testament to the talent of the students involved in the project, and showcases the support on offer to all students aspiring to pursue scientific subjects in the Sixth Form and beyond.