News The Bridge Programme Goes Virtual 30.04.2020

This Saturday saw the first of our online Bridge sessions, with children learning mathematics and English through Google Classroom set up specially for the Bridge Programme.

To help families lacking access to a computer we were able to lend out two iPads. Ms Hanger and a small army of Lower Sixth volunteers were teaching Mathematics online, offering bespoke guidance and feedback to the Bridge students. For English, Ms Catlin covered Edgar Allen Poe’s Tell-Tale Heart and pre-recorded herself reading a Dorris Lessing story; students listened to this and answered questions online.

Despite the current circumstances, Godolphin and Latymer is determined to maintain the momentum with the Bridge Programme in order to give the students the best possible chance of success. Last Saturday would have been the ‘Information Afternoon’ for parents of the Bridge students, during which they would have received advice about applying to independent schools. Instead, Bridge parents were emailed advice on applying, along with booklets with information about 37 independent schools in London.

We look forward to seeing the Bridge students again in person – hopefully before too long!