News Talk from the University of Chicago 23.09.2022

On Wednesday, Sixth Form students enjoyed the opportunity to attend a lunchtime talk by the Deputy Director of Admissions and Director of Undergraduate Outreach at the University of Chicago, Ms Katie Quille Chaszczewski.

Ms Quille talked about the depth and breadth offered by the liberal arts curriculum as well as the distinctive features of the university’s core curriculum. Other topics of discussion included the undergraduate research opportunities, the house system, and the university’s commitment to freedom of speech. The students also got to hear about the details of the admission process, and more specifically about the advantages of applying early and the role of the college essays in the holistic review process.

We will continue to host talks by Admission Directors to keep our students informed about the wide range of opportunities offered at US universities, with representatives from Dartmouth, Duke, Georgetown, Northwestern, University of Virginia, and Vanderbilt visiting us in the coming weeks.