News Talk from the Deputy Dean of Admissions at the University of Chicago 21.09.2023

On Monday, our Sixth Form students enjoyed the opportunity to attend a lunchtime talk by the Deputy Dean of Admissions and Director of Outreach and Communications at The University of Chicago, Ms Katie Quille Chaszczewski.

Ms Quille talked about the small discussion-based classes, the diverse student body, and the strong traditions which are an integral part of the UChicago experience. She also emphasised the importance of the Core curriculum which provides all students with a common academic programme that serves as a foundation for cross-disciplinary coursework and for a lifetime of intellectual inquiry.

The students also got to learn more about the holistic application process which includes responding to thought-provoking essay prompts such as ‘Find x’ and ‘So where is Waldo, really?’

We will continue to host talks by Admission Directors to keep our students informed about the wide range of opportunities offered at international universities, with representatives from Barnard, Boston College, Dartmouth, Duke, Georgetown, Northwestern, University of Southern California, and Vanderbilt visiting us in the coming weeks.