News Success in Latin Reading Competition 11.03.2021

Congratulations to Year 8 students Caterina, Frida and Olivia who took part in the ARLT (Association for Latin Teaching) Latin Reading Competition. The girls were selected to represent their year group following an internal competition. They each produced a recording of the passage ‘Tumultus’ from Book II of the Cambridge Latin Course. The girls worked hard to produce recordings which showed their fluency and pronunciation of the Latin but which also took advantage of the dramatic potential of the story, centred around a riot in Alexandria.

The final placings in the junior section of the competition were as follows:

  • Frida Killmer – 2nd place
  • Caterina Bargioni – 3rd place
  • Olivia Isla-Pujol – Highly Commended.

For the full list of results and to listen to Frida, Caterina and Olivia’s recordings, please click here.