News Students Workshop with It Happens 17.11.2022

Over the past week our students have attended a series of interactive workshops by It Happens, a team of Relationships, Sex and Health Education (RSHE) specialists who don’t just say “no”, they say “it happens…let’s talk about it’.

Zoe Shuttleworth and Debbie Melton each delivered a series of open and honest sessions to Year 7, Year 8, Year 9, and Year 10. The topic of each talk varied by year group and focussed on either relationships, bodies, or substances. This included ‘harm reduction’ for Year 9, and why young people may choose to use substances, such as peer pressure and the strategies and skills to deal with these instances. They opened up a nuanced discussion around harm reduction, substance misuse and seeking help.

The other year groups attended sessions which varied from the changing adolescent body to digital relationships and how to stay safe online. Our Year 7s learnt about ‘all the relationships’, including their relationship with themselves, their family, and the beginnings of consent. The sessions are part of an ongoing series of talks the students will attend across their years at school, led by It Happens, all which build on each other and lead to balanced conversations around these key topics. The talks have helped to provide our girls with the tools they need to feel confident and encouraged to seek out accurate information, make informed choices, and ask for help when needed.