News Students celebrate our 116th Birthday with Old Dolphins 11.05.2021

In celebration of the school’s birthday our youngest dolphins have relished the opportunity to connect once again with our most elderly Old Dolphins.

The Year 7 pupils crafted birthday cards for Godolphin and Latymer’s 116th birthday and shared how they had celebrated the occasion. Almost 100 Old Dolphins across the globe received news of pupils’ celebratory activities which, this year, included a yoga session from the Old Dolphin and Yoga Instructor, Pascale Rees (Class of 2010) and baking an abundance of dolphin birthday cakes!

Pupils have received some heart-warming responses from Old Dolphins who in turn shared their most cherished memories of celebrating the school birthday. Girls were thrilled to learn that previous traditions involved the Head Girl wheeling a cake through the school hall, the whole school singing the school song and a comedy performed by the teachers.

We hope the Year 7 birthday cards will become a new tradition for the school birthday.