News STEM Lecture Society 25.02.2021

This year we launched the STEM Lecture Society as a way to highlight the amazing work of Lower Sixth students in their co-curricular activities in Science.

Students contribute to three magazines, a podcast and many clubs for the Lower School, but to ensure that their research and efforts reach a wider audience the lecture society allows the Lower Sixth volunteers to present to an audience of Years 10-11 (and Year 9 – Lower Sixth remotely). It has been a resounding success so far with eight talks and over 30 passionate attendees expanding their scientific knowledge. Topics have ranged from the new James Webb Telescope to the neuroscience of dictators, and all have been fascinating. The presentations are also followed by a time for questions and group discussion so you can delve deeper into the topic.

The society has been a great way for students to explore their passion for STEM, as well as examining how Science contributes to our society now and discovering how most scientific endeavours cross the boundaries of the disciplines studied at school. .