News Stella shines in Philosothon 11.02.2022

Congratulations to Stella, Lower Sixth, who was awarded Best Philosopher at the Philosothon hosted at Latymer earlier in the week.

Young philosophers from Years 9 through to the Lower Sixth took part in the event which involved a number of schools coming together to discuss head-scratching philosophical problems, all in the spirit of friendly competition. The topics discussed ranged from the concept of moral luck, through to issues of non-human medical ethics, with the ideas of consciousness and autonomy. Stella, who despite competing against Upper Sixth students from other schools, walked away with the award of Best Philosopher.

It was a fantastic opportunity for students to be able to converse with students from other schools. Students left feeling intellectually stimulated with discussions about Kant’s concept of the self could be heard drifting down to the District Line as they made their way home.