News Sports Day 07.07.2022

We were blessed with glorious sunshine for the penultimate day of the academic year and the much anticipated and fiercely contested Godolphin Sports Day. Years 7-10 took to the track and field and enthusiastically supported their Houses for the hurdles, short and long distance running, high jump, shot put, javelin, triple jump, long jump, discus, and the ever popular relays.

The results were:

  1. Quinn Brown 753 points
  2. Lovelace 740 points
  3. Bassi 709 points
  4. Sheppard 669 points
  5. Naidu 560 points
  6. Maathai 554 points

Congratulations to students who broke school records:

Gwendolin Basi, Year 9, High Jump: 1.45m
Sierra Cockrell, Year 7, 800m: 2:45mins
Anna Hall, Year 10, 80m: 11:20secs
Isabelle Spira, Year 8, High Jump: 1.42m
Cybelle Napper, Year 8, Javelin: 25.22m
Marianna Dimitriou, Year 7, 200m: 29.84secs

Individual Cup Winners:

Year 7: 1st Marianna Dimitriou; 2nd Teah Hade; 3rd Sierra Cockrell

Year 8: 1st Sofia Symonds; 2nd Maeve Minielly; 3rd Georgia Mowat

Year 9: 1st Kyra Gulanhuseinwala: 2nd Olivia Wilson: 3rd Maddie Maclean

Year 10: 1st Maya Sutaria; 2nd Chloe Stefani: 3rd Millie Seaton