News Sixth Form Enrichment Programme Lectures 26.09.2019

We were delighted to launch the Sixth Form Enrichment Programme last Tuesday, with an introductory lecture from the new Director of Sixth Form, Dr Jamie Carter, on this year’s theme: Crossing Boundaries and Borders.

Following his introduction, the first set of lectures delivered by members of staff across various department took place this week. All Sixth Formers are given a choice between four lectures to attend every Tuesday for a four week period, plus a special Enrichment Tuesday at the very end of this term. The titles this year offer a fascinating glimpse into the range of expertise and interests of our staff body, and provide our Sixth Form with a hugely valuable opportunity to explore subjects more widely and more deeply. We are always proud of the way in which the Sixth Form students engage with their lectures and demonstrate real academic curiosity by choosing titles outside of their comfort zones. This year our titles range from: asking whether empathy is taught or innate; exploring uranium enrichment, international espionage and power politics in the 1970s; looking at the propaganda and the spread of disinformation in the modern age; to reflecting on the future of aviation technology.

Now in our fifth year, we really could not offer such an exciting and inspiring programme without the contributions of our staff, to whom we extend our gratitude.