News Sixth Form Enrichment Programme 2023 29.09.2023

This week we launched the first of our series of lectures for this year’s Sixth Form Enrichment Programme. The theme for the 2023 programme is ‘Margins, Measures and Meaning’ and it is a series of lectures delivered by our teachers who share their areas of passion and expertise. This in turn encourages and inspires our senior students to explore and undertake independent study beyond the curriculum in their own areas of personal interest and is particularly helpful for students preparing for their Extended Project or Extended Essay or looking to enhance their depth of knowledge in preparation for university.

This week’s offerings included a fascinating talk about the construction of Geo Domes from Maths teacher, Mr Corish; insights into growing up on the margins between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland from Geography teacher, Miss Graham; an exploration of the significance of textiles to women in the US between the Revolutionary War and the Civil War by Head of History and Politics, Mrs Armstrong; and an analysis of how infants learn language so quickly by Physics teacher, Dr Vicenik.

We very much look forward to more lectures in the coming weeks which will include:

  • Can data make a difference? Charles Booth’s Life and Labour of the People in London and the founding of Sociology.
  • Making Meaning of the Anthropocene.
  • Marginal characters in Shakespeare.
  • Happiness: what does it mean; can it be measured; and how can we increase it?
  • From La Haine to les Misérables: how French cinema  exposes the marginalisation of suburban youth.   
  • The British Prime Minister’s measure guaranteeing  Polish Independence on March 31st, 1939. 
  • Zoonotic diseases.