News Sixth Form Debate vs Harrow School 03.11.2023

On Thursday 2 November, despite the wind and the weather, we were joined by students from Harrow School for two ‘friendly’ Sixth Form debates in preparation for the full debating season. You can be sure that even in a friendly debate, when the boys from Harrow meet the girls from Godolphin to argue, sparks will fly; metaphorically of course!

The students debated two motions. The first was the more straightforward idea that politicians should be paid the median wage of their country. It is always interesting to find out what people believe essential occupations are worth, and this was no exception. Our students held their own with customary aplomb and came out top in one of the two rooms. The second was the more complex idea that we regret the rise of anonymous social media accounts.  This is where debating skills are really shown as the need to build a reasoned rather than an emotional case is key. Harrow tried to hold back the tide but we again won one room.

We were especially lucky to have Rachel Tait, who coaches for Team England, on hand as a judge in one room. Thank you to Harrow for a good natured debate and for braving the elements to join us.