News Sixth Form Art and Design students visit Worthing 13.10.2023

On Monday, Sixth Form artists made the most of the glorious weather as the Art and Design Department took them to Worthing. They were able to record their observations, creating valuable work to contribute to their A Level or IB coursework portfolios.

In the morning, as the sun broke through the haze, the students created panoramic drawings, taking advantage of the uninterrupted vistas on a quiet October morning at the beach. The boulders, groynes, signage, and coastal architecture of piers and Victorian shelters provided a rich stimulus for investigation. They enjoyed the sounds of the waves and seagulls while drawing and reflecting on the key themes of their individual coursework projects in this calming environment. Lunchtime was spent on the pier after a visit to the highly recommended Blue Ocean Fish and Chip shop.

In the afternoon, clear blue skies and a gentle breeze provided perfect conditions for beachcombing and photographic work back on the beach. The clear light and strong shadows couldn’t have been better. Students brought objects with them and were able to record them among the pebbles or on the weather-worn beach furniture, offering an opportunity to rethink both their visual qualities and possible conceptual meanings. A ship in a bottle appeared poised for its next adventure, while a skeleton’s arm offered its own powerful connotations.

Before boarding the coach back to London, there was just enough time for an ice cream.