News Senior Production of ’This Restless House: Agamemnon’s Return‘ 02.12.2022

Held over two nights in the Bishop Centre, the student-led Senior Production of Zinnie Harris’ This Restless House: Agamemnon’s Return showcased the outstanding technical skill and theatricality of our Drama students.

Based on the Oresteia, but reworked with women as the central characters, this tale of sacrifice, bloody revenge, murder and madness was produced and performed by our older students, brilliantly led and directed by the Theatre Captains Lyla, Helena and Alexandra. The student directors had this to say on the production:

‘Drama, for all of us, has been such a significant part of our Godolphin journey so, as our very last school play, we were determined to make this experience as special as possible. We hope that the cast and crew all feel just as much pride as we feel for them. Working with this cast has been a wonderfully fun experience and has drawn us all closer to each other. Each rehearsal has been filled with laughter, creation, conversation, and many ‘be quiet!’s, all of which are a testimony to the friendships made in the cast. This opportunity has given us so many happy memories, enriching experiences, and a very exciting final result. Our initial vision for this play has been exceeded by the cast who have taken ownership over it with passion and excitement; it truly felt like they were telling their own story. We are so grateful to all the individuals that helped make this possible, especially Ms Adams and Mr Jenkins!’

The directors are to be commended for their outstanding work in successfully delivering a polished, high quality and moving production. The Drama department are immensely proud of their hard work, dedication and talent.