News Senior Production of ‘Emilia’ 01.12.2023

Held over two nights in the Bishop Centre, the student-led Senior Production of Morgan Lloyd Malcolm’s Emilia showcased the outstanding technical skill and theatricality of our Year 11 and Sixth Form Drama students.

Emilia delves into the narrative of Emilia Bassano, a trailblazing poet of the Renaissance, addressing themes of gender, empowerment, and the transformative power of language. Under the creative guidance of our Theatre Captains, Annabel, Evie and Connie, the ensemble featured students from Year 11 and the Sixth Form who all delivered stellar performances. The technical brilliance behind the scenes was orchestrated by our Tech Captain, Isobel Fisher and her crew of student stage managers, and lighting and sound operators.

On their directorial debuts Annabel, Evie and Connie said, ‘Although Emilia was thought to have been the ‘dark lady’ of Shakespeare’s sonnets and the mind behind many of his works, her story has all but been erased. It’s the reason that we chose this play – we think she deserves a voice.

Having participated in previous Senior Play productions, it has been a surreal experience to finally be able to fill the shoes of the Upper Sixth Directors that we once looked up to. We have enjoyed our experience immensely and we are so grateful for the community and friendships we created in the process. We could not have asked for a more committed, patient, enthusiastic and talented cast and tech crew, and are so grateful to them for making our vision come to life.

As we move on to the next chapter, we hope that the Directors that follow will be gifted with the same incredible experience as us. It has been an utter privilege – thank you to everyone who came to watch and support!’

The production was most impressive and a tremendous success and we would like to wish a hearty congratulations to all the cast and crew involved.