News Senior Production: ‘Digby Delorium’s Theatre Emporium’ 21.11.2019

Held over two nights in the Bishop Centre and devised entirely by the school’s Drama captains – Amy, Savannah and Rosa – parents were treated to a unique and memorable Senior Production of ‘Digby Delorium’s Theatre Emporium’.

The production was an immersive theatre experience in a promenade style, with the audience guided by their student hosts through three ‘rooms’. In each room, a short performance took place involving girls from Year 10 to the Upper Sixth. In the first room, the audience were taken back to the Elizabethan times to meet Emilia Bassano, the woman rumoured to be Shakespeare’s muse. In the next room, we were given a glimpse into the lives of contemporary characters exploring the themes of ‘love’ and ‘information’ in the modern world. In the final room we were treated to a 1930s picnic where we met Miss Jean Brodie and her beloved students.

The production was quite a feat to pull off, as the small ensemble of actors played several parts that required quick costume changes between the rooms. Actors would be members of an Elizabethan court one minute, before appearing in the next room as a scientist in a lab full of chicks. The quick changes and work backstage were extremely well rehearsed; flawlessly managed by the students in the backstage crew. The production was slick and professional, and this was all down to the excellent work of the directors, cast and crew. A fantastic and ambitious production – congratulations to all involved!