News Science LIVE at the Savoy Theatre 05.12.2019

On Tuesday Lower Sixth physicists listened to five excellent talks from the country’s leading scientific minds and learnt some useful examination tips from chief examiner, Michelle Oldfield, when they attended Science LIVE at the Savoy Theatre.

Dr Jess Wade explained how OLED displays in TVs and phones are made and how they enhance the images we see and Professor Jim Al-Khalili introduced the newest inter-disciplinary branch of science – Quantum Biology. Professor Frank Close explained how we are all made from stardust whilst Astronomer Royal, Professor Lord Martin Rees, described us less romantically as ‘nuclear waste’. Finally Dr Michael Brooks talked to us about that well known and yet less well understood, force – gravity.

The girls were really engaged with the content of the talks and found it to be a fascinating and thought provoking day.